Methods Of Improving The Installation Accuracy Of Ina Bearing
Methods Of Improving The Installation Accuracy Of Ina Bearing
Disassembly Skills And Maintenance Methods Of Ina Bearing
Disassembly Skills And Maintenance Methods Of Ina Bearing

Selection And Installation Method Of Ntn Bearing

Selection And Installation

With the wide use of NTN bearings, technical problems such as the selection and use skills of NTN bearings have attracted more and more attention. The selection of Selection And Installation imported bearings and precautions in use NTN bearings selection summary of rolling NTN bearings are diverse in types, types and sizes.

In order to make the mechanical device play the expected performance, it is very important to select the appropriate bearing. In order to select NTN bearings, it is necessary to analyze many important factors, study and evaluate the procedures for selecting NTN bearings from various angles. There are no special specifications, but the general sequence is as follows:

(1) Master the service conditions of mechanical devices and NTN bearings, etc

(2) Specify the requirements for NTN bearings

(3) Select the type of NTN bearing

(4) Select NTN bearing configuration

(5) Select NTN bearing size

(6) Selected NTN bearing size

(7) Select the installation method of NTN bearing

Selection And Installation Method Of Ntn Bearing

After the NTN bearing is installed in the main engine

if the radial runout of the main shaft is measured, it can be found that the measured value of each revolution has a certain change; During Selection And Installation continuous measurement, it can be found that this change will approximately repeat after a certain number of revolutions.

The index to measure the degree of change is the cyclic rotation accuracy. The number of revolutions required for the approximate repetition of the change represents the “quasi period” of the cyclic rotation accuracy. The Selection And Installation large magnitude change in the quasi period is the poor cyclic rotation accuracy.

If the spindle is properly preloaded and the speed is gradually reduced to close to the duty speed, so as to Selection And Installation implement the “running in” function of NTN bearing, the cyclic rotation accuracy of the spindle can be improved.

1. Loosen the bolts fixing the bearing pedestal. Remove the bearing Selection And Installation together with the bearing pedestal from the shaft. Before removing the bearing seat at one end of the shaft, loosen the bolts of the bearing seat at the other end of the shaft to avoid damage to the bearings at both ends.

2. First loosen the locking screw on the bearing eccentric sleeve with an Allen wrench, then insert a small iron rod into the counterbore on the top Selection And Installation cover eccentric sleeve, and loosen the eccentric sleeve against the rotation direction of the shaft.

Many people use improper installation methods in the installation of IKO imported bearings, resulting in Selection And Installation bearing damage. So how to install the bearing correctly? I hope you can have a more comprehensive understanding of the installation and disassembly of bearings:

For bearing rings with clearance fit, it is recommended to apply a thin layer of anti creep corrosion agent on the mating surface to prevent friction Selection And Installation corrosion between the mating surfaces.

390000 series outer spherical bearings fix the bearing inner ring and the shaft through the eccentric sleeve, and the hexagon socket screw on the eccentric sleeve plays a fastening role. During maintenance, many operators cannot disassemble this bearing, so it is necessary to introduce the technical points and precautions for disassembling 390000 series outer spherical bearing:

Correct installation is very important for the use of IKO imported bearings. I hope you can use the correct installation method in the future. During installation, mechanical, heating or hydraulic methods can be selected according to its type and size.

The force exerted on the bearing during installation must not be transmitted from one bearing ring to another through the rolling element, otherwise the raceway may be damaged. However, under no circumstances should the bearing ring, cage, rolling element or seal be directly knocked. install

3. Install eccentric sleeve. First put the eccentric sleeve on the eccentric step of the bearing inner sleeve and tighten it by hand along the rotation direction of the shaft. Then insert or counter the small iron rod into the counterbore on the eccentric sleeve. Knock the small iron rod along the rotation direction of the shaft with a hand hammer to firmly install the eccentric sleeve, and then lock the Allen screw on the eccentric sleeve.