Nsk Bearings Use Grease For Accuracy And Speed
Nsk Bearings Use Grease For Accuracy And Speed
Analyze The Positive And Negative Effects Of Lubricating Oil On Ina Bearing
Analyze The Positive And Negative Effects Of Lubricating Oil On Ina Bearing

Judge The Fault Maintenance Method Of Skf Self-Aligning Ball Bearing In Use

Skf Self-Aligning Ball Bearing In Use

SKF Bearing shows strong regularity and good repeatability in its use. At the beginning of use, the vibration and noise of normal high-quality bearing (SKF Bearing) are relatively small, but the spectrum is scattered and the amplitude is small, which may be caused by some defects in the manufacturing process, such as surface burrs.

After moving for a period of time, the vibration and noise maintain a certain level, and the spectrum is very single, with only one or two times the frequency. The frequency spectrum above three times of power frequency rarely appears, and the state of self-aligning ball bearing is very stable and enters the stable working period.

After continued operation and entering the later stage of use, the Ball Bearing In Use vibration and noise of SKF Bearing began to increase, and sometimes abnormal sound appeared, but the change of vibration increase was slow.

At this time, the bearing kurtosis began to suddenly reach a certain value. We believe that SKF Bearing shows initial failure at this time.

At this time, it is required to closely monitor the SKF Bearing and pay close attention to its changes. Since then, the bearing kurtosis value began to decline rapidly and close to the normal value, while the Ball Bearing In Use vibration and noise began to increase significantly, and the increase amplitude began to accelerate.

When the vibration exceeded the vibration standard (such as ISO2372 standard), the bearing kurtosis value also began to increase rapidly. When both the vibration standard and the kurtosis value also exceeded the normal value (kurtosis relative standard can be used),

We believe that the self-aligning ball bearing has entered the late fault production, so it is necessary to Ball Bearing In Use overhaul the equipment and replace the SKF Bearing in time.

SKF Bearing shows the characteristics of late failure. The time from the occurrence of serious failure (generally bearing damage, such as shaft holding, burn, sand Ball Bearing In Use frame spalling, raceway, bead wear, etc.) is mostly less than one week.

The larger the equipment capacity, the faster the speed, and the shorter the interval. Therefore, in the actual self-aligning ball bearing fault diagnosis, once the late fault characteristics are found, the bearing fault should be determined and the maintenance should be arranged as soon as possible.

Judge The Fault Maintenance Method Of Skf Self-Aligning Ball Bearing In Use

Use factors mainly refer to whether the installation,

adjustment, use and maintenance, maintenance and repair meet the Ball Bearing In Use technical requirements. According to the technical requirements of SKF Bearing installation, use, maintenance and repair, monitor and inspect the load,

speed, working temperature, vibration, noise and lubrication conditions of SKF Bearing in operation. If any abnormality is found, find out the cause immediately and adjust it to make it return to normal.

First of all, the spindle bearing in the spindle shall be fully lubricated during operation, and the lubricating oil shall be added regularly according to the actual use condition, and the oil shall not be cut off for a long time. Therefore, users and enterprises should choose better and more appropriate spindle lubricating oil.

The new special spindle oil can significantly improve the lubrication performance, prolong the oil change cycle, prolong the service life of spindle and self-aligning ball Ball Bearing In Use bearing, and also has good anti rust and anti-corrosion properties.

Secondly, the bearing with reinforced nylon cage shall be used at a temperature lower than 120 ℃, and oil boiling and cleaning are strictly prohibited.

In addition, attention should be paid to the maintenance and cleaning of the spindle to prevent damage and scratch on the roller surface. To Ball Bearing In Use remove the residue of SKF Bearing as much as possible, it is better to wash and suck the residual oil inside the spindle foot.

Attention should be paid to avoid the use of dumping type, which causes the cleaning waste to accumulate and remain in the Ball Bearing In Use bearing, resulting in noise, wear and failure of self-aligning ball bearing.