Basic Principles For Storage And Lubrication Replacement Of Imported Koyo Bearings
Structure And Performance Characteristics Of Five Categories Of Bearings
Structure And Performance Characteristics Of Five Categories Of Bearings

Solution To The Noise Of Raceway At The Limit Speed Of Fag Bearing

The limit speed of rolling fag bearing is the allowable high speed under certain load and lubrication conditions, which is related to many factors such as fag bearing type, size, load size and direction, lubricant type and lubrication mode, clearance, cage structure and cooling conditions.

Solution To The Noise Of Raceway At The Limit Speed Of Fag Bearing
The factors affecting the limit speed are:

load size, load type and direction, lubricant and lubrication mode. Experience has proved that improving the manufacturing accuracy of fag bearing, appropriately increasing the clearance of fag bearing and adopting cage with special material and structure can also improve the limit speed of fag bearing.


The reasons for the high temperature of fag bearing are:

the quality of lubricating oil does not meet the requirements or deteriorates, and the viscosity of lubricating oil is too high; The mechanism assembly is too tight (insufficient clearance); The assembly of one-way fag bearing is too tight; Fag bearing race rotates on the shaft or in the housing; Excessive load; Broken fag bearing cage or rolling element, etc.

The rolling fag bearing is allowed to make a slight running sound during operation. If the sound is too loud or there is abnormal noise or impact sound, it indicates that the fag bearing is faulty.


The causes of rolling fag bearing noise are complex. One is the wear of fag bearing inner and outer ring mating surfaces. 

Due to this kind of wear, the matching relationship between fag bearing and shell, one-way fag bearing and shaft is damaged, resulting in the axis deviation from the correct position and abnormal noise when the shaft moves at high speed. When the bearing is tired, the metal on its surface will peel off, which will also increase the radial clearance of fag bearing and produce abnormal noise. In addition, insufficient lubrication of fag bearing, dry friction and broken fag bearing will produce abnormal sound. After the fag bearing is worn and loosened, the cage is loose and damaged, which will also produce abnormal noise and damage to the fag bearing.


During the disassembly and inspection of rolling fag bearing, the fault and damage cause of one-way fag bearing can be judged according to the damage of fag bearing.


The so-called constant pressure preload is the use of coil springs and Belleville springs to give the load-bearing of appropriate preparation methods. When in use, even if the fag bearing changes its relative position, the preloading method. What types of seals do fag bearings have in use? It will even change its relative position, and the preload can be maintained at a certain level.