Forklift Bearings

Forklift Bearings

Whether you call them forklift mast rollers, fforklift mast roller bearings or forklift mast bearings, these bearings are designed for heavy load carrying capacity and high intermittent shock loads, such as those found in forklift applications.

The internal design of mast guide bearings and other types of roller bearings maximises the load capacity to protect the bearing components and the application from high radial and thrust loads. Tight seals and high grease fillings are used to ensure that wear and tear on the bearing components is kept to a minimum and that the service life is as long as possible.

Parameters of Forklift Bearings

내경 (mm) 외경 (mm) 너비(mm)
40 102 29
35 108 31
40 110 32
40 115 30
40 118 33
40 120 28
45 120 29
45 127 32
55 139 45
55 149 45
45 124 34

Common Mast Bearing Types

  • Mast guide bearings: The mast guide bearings contribute to the smooth extension of each mast stage as the forklift mast is raised and lowered into place.
  • Bracket bearings: These bearings run along the horizontal rails of the brackets. They allow for the left and right positioning of the fork attachment.
  • Chain roller bearings: These guide the chain through profiled channels or recesses as the forklift mast is raised and lowered during operation.
  • Lateral thrust roller: A vertical roller guide that prevents bending or twisting during telescopic extension and transfers the lateral load to the mast.
  • Combined roller bearing: a bearing assembly consisting of a mast guide bearing with integral side thrust rollers. These control the vertical and lateral movement of the mast.

Application of Forklift Bearings

  1. Mast guide bearings are found in cam drives, chutes and conveyors (among other applications) and are most often used to guide the telescopic mast section of forklifts.
  2. In addition to mast guide bearings, forklifts often use slider bearings, side thrust rollers and chain roller bearings.

배송 & Package of Forklift Bearings

선적 항구: 칭다오/천진
공급 능력: 100,000 한 달에 조각

  1. 비닐 봉투 + 단일 상자 + 판지 상자 + 합판 팔레트
  2. 중립 산업 포장 + 중립 판지 포장 + 짚자리
  3. 고객 요구 사항에 따라

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