Routine Inspection And Maintenance Of Iko Plastic Bearings
Routine Inspection And Maintenance Of Iko Plastic Bearings
Importance Of Lubrication Of Koyo Self-Aligning Ball Bearing To Rolling Sound
Importance Of Lubrication Of Koyo Self-Aligning Ball Bearing To Rolling Sound

Causes And Maintenance Methods Affecting The Service Life Of Iko Self-Aligning Ball Bearing

Service Life 

First, the bearing size is limited.

Self aligning ball bearings can usually be installed with limited space. In most cases, it is based on mechanical design or other design limitations.

The type and size of IKO bearings, so the decision to select the bearing diameter is based on. Therefore, the main dimension tables of standard self-aligning ball bearings are based on the diameter prepared by international standards.

In many forms, the standard bearing size is used in the design of mechanical equipment. The selection, size and direction of standard self-aligning ball bearings are constantly changing.

In general, the basic load rating is shown in the size of the table. However, axial load and radial load can also be an important factor in the selection of appropriate self-aligning ball bearings. When the size is quite long, IKO bearings usually have high load capacity and bear large vibration and impact loads.

2、 Speed of bearing.

The allowable speed is determined based on the type, size, accuracy, cage type, load, lubrication, cooling mode and other factors of self-aligning ball bearing.

IKO bearing table lists the allowable speed under the standard accuracy of lubricating oil bearing and grease. In general, deep groove ball bearings, self-aligning ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings are suitable for high-speed applications.

Causes And Maintenance Methods Affecting The Service Life Of Iko Self-Aligning Ball Bearing

3、 Tolerances for self-aligning ball bearings.

The dimensional accuracy and rotation accuracy of self-aligning ball bearings are based on International Organization for Service Life Standardization (ISO) and JIS standards. High precision, high-speed machinery, it is recommended to use five-year or more accurate self-aligning ball bearings,

deep groove ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings or cylindrical roller bearings, which are suitable Service Life for high machine operation accuracy. Rigid, self-aligning ball bearing will produce elastic deformation when the contact pressure between the roller and the raceway.

Some machines need to reduce elastic deformation. It has a smaller elastic deformation than ball bearing and roller bearing.

The maintenance of IKO bearing must also master the following points:

1. Regularly check the use status, and pay attention to whether there is abnormal noise and local sharp Service Life temperature rise at the part;

2. Fill lubricating oil or grease regularly and quantitatively as required;

3. According to the service condition of the vehicle, the lubricating oil shall be completely replaced at least once every six Service Life months and carefully checked;

4. Inspection method under maintenance: clean the disassembled with kerosene or gasoline, carefully observe whether there is sliding or creep on the inner and outer cylindrical surfaces,

whether there is peeling and pitting on the inner and outer raceway surfaces, whether the rolling Service Life element and cage are worn and deformed, etc., and judge whether they can continue to be used according to the comprehensive situation of IKO bearing inspection.

Key requirements of grease injection quantity for fag thin wall bearing lubrication

Precautions For Use Of Fag Tapered Roller Bearing Lubrication Device

For sealed thin-walled bearings, the production has been filled with appropriate grease, and the seal is set on the host to prevent grease leakage. Note that too little fat Service Life content can easily lead to lack of fat or dry friction, affecting service life.

Grease can cause excessive temperature rise. A large number of grease leaks not only pollute the environment, but also waste. Therefore, on the premise of Service Life entering the amount of grease in thin-walled bearings, better fag bearings can ensure sufficient lubrication.

Lubrication friction: the resistance to mechanical friction, which is formed on the surface of the film. Cooling temperature: take away heat through oil circulation to prevent sintering. Clean: clean the friction parts and other materials produced by metal on the working surface by flowing oil.

Sealing and leak proof: reduce gas leakage and external pollutants. Rust: it can be adsorbed on the surface to prevent water stop, air, Service Life acid, harmful gas and contact parts. Buffer zone: a sharp rise in engine cylinder pressure,

a sudden increase in the oil load on the piston, piston pin, connecting rod and crankshaft can withstand the impact load and play a buffer role.

Grease lubrication refers to the direct application of grease to the moving surfaces of thin-walled bearings. However, when inputting grease into the raceway and sliding working surface of fag bearing, the following five principles must be followed:

(1) The grease must penetrate the working surface of the Thin-walled bearing and the internal gap of the bearing, so that the grease can fully play the role of lubrication.

(2) A certain amount of grease shall be retained on the working surface of fag bearing for a certain period of time, but it is also necessary to prevent excessive loss of grease.

(3) The flow direction of grease input and discharge shall be consistent with the sealing requirements, which is conducive to the discharge of invading dirt.

(4) On the premise of ensuring good lubrication, minimize the amount of grease.

(5) An outlet hole is opened at the end of the flow direction of the grease, so that the newly supplemented grease can squeeze out the old grease and ensure good lubrication.

In particular, when lubricating fag bearings with grease, pay attention to the working temperature range of Thin-walled bearing grease. If it is not within the appropriate temperature range, the effect will be counterproductive.

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