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Japan NSK Develops Grease Sealed Bearings With Low Torque
Japan NSK Develops Grease Sealed Bearings With Low Torque
Difference Between Pitch Bearing And Yaw Bearing
Difference Between Pitch Bearing And Yaw Bearing

Types Of Ceramic Bearings


Categorising according to use:

1) High-temperature bearing:

The material itself has a high temperature resistance of 1200 ℃; And good self smoothness; The operating temperature is 100 ℃ – 800 ℃, and there is no swelling due to temperature difference It can be used in furnaces; In high temperature equipment such as plastic and steel making,

2) Corrosion resistant bearing:

The data itself has the characteristics of corrosion resistance; It can be used in the fields of strong acid, strong alkali, inorganic, organic salt, seawater, etc; Such as electroplating equipment; Electronic equipment; Chemical machinery, ship making, medical equipment, etc

3). diamagnetic bearing: no dust due to non magnetism;

It can reduce the bearing falling off early and high noise It can be used in demagnetization equipment Fine instruments, etc

4) Electrically insulated bearing:

Due to high electrical resistance; It can avoid arc damage to the bearing; It can be used in various power equipment requiring insulation

5) Vacuum bearing:

Oil-free self smoothing characteristic due to unique ceramic materials; In ultra-high vacuum environment; It can overcome the problem that the bearing can not be smooth Note: the above five types of bearings; The same set of bearings can be used in high temperature, high speed, acid-base, magnetic field and non insulation; However, due to different data functions, customers are invited to select products; According to the occasion of personal use; To select suitable ceramic bearings

Types Of Ceramic Bearings

Categorising according to data:

Zirconia all ceramic bearing

All ceramic bearings have the characteristics of anti magnetoelectric insulation, wear and corrosion resistance, oil-free self smoothing, high temperature and cold resistance, etc; It can be used in extremely harsh environment and unique working conditions Zirconia (ZrO2) ceramic materials are selected for ferrule and rolling body; The sticking device uses polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) as the standard equipment; Generally, glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 (rpa66-25) can also be used; Special engineering plastics (PEEK; PI); Stainless steel (aisisus316); Brass (Cu), etc


Silicon nitride all ceramic bearing

Silicon nitride (Si3N4) ceramic materials are selected for silicon nitride all ceramic bearing ring and rolling body; The sticking device uses polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) as the standard equipment; Rpa66-25 can also be used generally; PEEK; PI; And bakelite pipe with phenolic cloth Compared with ZrO2, SiN4 all ceramic bearing can be applied to higher speed and load capacity; And suitable for higher ambient temperatures Together, it can provide fine ceramic bearings for high-speed, high-precision and high-rigidity spindles; High manufacturing accuracy up to P4 to up level


Full ball ceramic bearing

One side of fully loaded ball type all ceramic bearing is provided with ball notch; Due to the selection of non stick rack layout design; More ceramic balls can be installed than the bearings with standard layout; Then improve its load capacity; In addition, it can also prevent the constraints caused by adhering to the shelf data; It can achieve the corrosion resistance and temperature resistance of ceramic frame type all ceramic bearing This series of bearings is not suitable for high speed; When installing the device, pay attention to install the notch surface at the end that does not accept axial load


Ceramic holder full ceramic bearing

The ceramic holder has the advantages of wear resistance, high strength, corrosion resistance and self smoothness. The all ceramic bearing made of ceramic holder can be used in harsh environments such as extreme corrosion, ultra-high, low temperature and high vacuum. Common ceramic materials are ZrO2, Si3N4 or SiC


Hybrid ceramic ball bearing

The unique ceramic ball is silicon nitride ball, which has low density, high hardness and low friction coefficient; Wear resistance, self smoothness and good rigidity; Unique suitable for high speed, high precision and long life mixed ceramic ball bearing (inner and outer rings are metal) Generally, the inner and outer rings are made of bearing steel (GCr15) or stainless steel (aisi440c); ZrO2 can be selected as ceramic ball; Si3N4; Or SiC data


Categorising according to skill level:

1). deep groove ball bearing (skill level: P4, P5, P6, P0) deep groove ball bearing; Representative roller bearing;

Wide range of uses; Radial load and bidirectional axial load are acceptable It is suitable for high-speed rotation and occasions requiring low noise and low oscillation, or high temperature, high cold, corrosion, magnetic field, non insulation and other fields that cannot be used by steel bearings


2) self-aligning ball bearing the outer race of self-aligning ball bearing is spherical;

Active centering; It can make up for the errors caused by different centrality and shaft deflection It is used for the parts where the shaft is not concentric with the shell or the shaft is flexed, and the centering parts where the requirements of high temperature, low cold, corrosion, magnetic field non insulation, etc. occur Note: the inclination shall not exceed 3 degrees


3) single row angular touch ball bearing (skill level: P4, P5, P6, P0)

Angular touch bearing is suitable for high-speed and high-precision rotation; Its accuracy is not affected by high temperature, magnetic field and water; And the composition load is acceptable The standard touch angles are 15 °, 30 ° and 40 °; The greater the touch angle, the greater the axial load; The smaller the touch angle, the bearing can accept radial load and unidirectional axial load Paired devices are usually adopted Please pay attention when purchasing


4) One-way thrust ball bearing;

The utility model is composed of a washer shaped ferrule with a ball rolling raceway and a holding frame assembled with the ball Able to accept axial load; Radial loads are not acceptable

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