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Bearing Vibration
Precautions for SKF Bearing Vibration generation and operation
FAG imported spindle bearings
Selection and application of FAG imported spindle bearings

Precautions for use, matching and packaging of SKF bearings

Use and packaging of SKF bearings

  1. Use and packaging of SKF bearings.keep SKF Bearing and its surroundings clean. Even if the invisible smile dust enters the SKF Bearing, it will increase the wear, vibration and noise of the SKF Bearing.
  2. Use and packaging of SKF bearings.Be careful when using and installing. It is not allowed to punch forcefully, to knock SKF Bearing directly with a hammer, or to transmit pressure through the rolling element.
  3. Use and packaging of SKF bearings,use proper and accurate installation tools, try to use special tools, and try to avoid using cloth, short fiber and other things.
  4. Use and packaging of SKF bearings,prevent the corrosion of SKF bearings. When taking SKF bearings directly by hand, fully wash the sweat from your hands and apply high-quality mineral oil before operation. Pay special attention to rust prevention in rainy seasons and summer.

SKF Bearing fit

  1. The inner diameter and outer diameter of SKF rolling bearings are manufactured according to standard tolerances. The tightness of SKF Bearing inner ring and shaft, outer ring and seat hole can only be achieved by controlling the tolerance of journal and seat hole.
  2. The SKF Bearing inner ring and shaft are matched by the base hole system, and the SKF Bearing Outer Ring and seat hole are matched by the machine shaft system.
  3. Correctly select the fit, it is necessary to know the actual load conditions, operating temperature and other requirements of SKF Bearing, which is actually very difficult. Therefore, in most cases, the matching is selected according to the use of fine grinding.
Use and packaging of SKF bearings
Use and packaging of SKF bearings

SKF bearings load size

The SKF bearings excess between the ferrule and the shaft or shell depends on the load. The heavier load adopts the larger excess, and the lighter load adopts the smaller excess.

The inner packaging of imported bearings is divided into three categories according to rust resistance:

  • Short anti rust period packaging: the anti rust period is 3 ~ 6 months. It is applicable to imported bearings that are delivered in large quantities to the same subscriber and put into use in a short time.
    Through the agreement of both parties, simple packaging is adopted in the principle of convenient use.
  • General anti rust period packaging: the anti rust period is one year, which is applicable to imported bearings for general purposes.
    Long anti rust period packaging: two years of anti rust period, suitable for special and precision imported bearings.

Packaging and requirements of SKF bearings

SKF Imported bearing inner packaging materials include polyethylene plastic cylinder (box), kraft paper, plain and wrinkled polyethylene composite paper, paper box, polyethylene or polyethylene plastic film, nylon fastening belt or plastic woven fastening belt, waterproof high-strength plastic belt, linen bag, etc. The above materials shall be qualified in the corrosion resistance test.

  1.  Micro imported bearings: every 10 ~ 15 sets of imported bearings are put into a plastic cylinder, and every 5 ~ 10 plastic cylinders are put into a carton (or bag, roll).
  2.  Medium and small imported bearings: several sets of imported bearings are wrapped with polyethylene film inside and kraft paper or polyethylene composite paper outside; Several sets of imported bearings are installed into a plastic cylinder (box); A single set of imported bearings shall be packed in polyethylene film bags, folded or sealed, and then loaded into a carton.
  3.  Large imported bearings: packed in a single set of polyethylene film or polyethylene composite paper, and then loaded into a carton;Use a polyethylene film bag, pack it in a single set, fold the mouth of the bag, and then put it into a carton; Put a single set into a special plastic box;A single set of three-layer wrapping packaging: polyethylene film tape or composite paper tape is used for the inner layer, fastening tape is used for the middle layer, and waterproof permeable plastic tape is used for the outer layer.
  4.  Extra large imported bearing:Single set of three-layer wrapping packaging (ditto); Single four layer wrapping packaging: after the above three-layer wrapping packaging, the outer layer is wrapped with a layer of linen tape. For separable tapered roller imported bearings with outer diameter ≥ 150mm, polyethylene film shall be padded before the inner and outer components before packaging, or the inner and outer components shall be separately packaged. For the interchangeable cylindrical roller imported bearings with outer diameter ≥ 150mm, because the complete set of packaging is easy to be damaged, the internal and external components can generally be packaged separately.

Materials and requirements for the outer packaging of imported bearings

  • The total weight (gross weight) of each double corrugated box shall not exceed 25kg, and the outside of the box shall be bound with plastic packing tape;
  • Nail board box (wooden box), the total weight of each box shall not exceed 30kg, and the outside of the box shall be bound with bluing steel belt;
  • Calcium plastic corrugated boxes, with a total weight of no more than 25kg per box, are bound with plastic packing belts.

When the imported bearing products with inner packaging are put into the box, the box shall be padded with plastic bags or plastic films; If there is any gap in the box, it should be filled with corrugated paper blocks, paper scraps and other dry substances.

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