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Detailed Steps For Maintenance Of Timken Imported Bearings
Detailed Steps For Maintenance Of Timken Imported Bearings
Check The Precautions For The Use Of Timken Imported Bearing Grease
Check The Precautions For The Use Of Timken Imported Bearing Grease

Simple Troubleshooting Skills For Abnormal Vibration Temperature Of Ntn Bearing

Vibration Temperature Of Ntn Bearing

In the process of using ntien bearings, customers often report that the temperature will be abnormal when the bearings vibrate. According to the technical explanation of the bearing group, the factors leading to this are as follows: generally, the temperature of the bearing rises with the increase of the speed of the bearing.

The temperature is stable after stable operation for 1-2 hours. There are many main determinants of bearing temperature, such as speed, lubricating oil, load, foreign matter intrusion and so on. If the above conditions are found, the operation must be stopped and necessary inspection measures shall be taken.

It is recommended that customers use thermal sensors to monitor the working temperature of ntien bearings at any time. If the temperature of the bearing exceeds 125 ℃ for a long time, the service life of the bearing will be reduced. The causes of bearing high temperature include insufficient or excessive lubrication and lubricant.

It contains impurities, excessive load, damaged ring of K bearing, Of Ntn Bearing insufficient clearance, etc. If it is not found and handled in time, the bearing will be scrapped.

Therefore, it is necessary to continuously monitor the bearing temperature, whether it is Of Ntn Bearing measuring the bearing itself or other important parts. The temperature can be changed under any operating condition.

Simple Troubleshooting Skills For Abnormal Vibration Temperature Of Ntn Bearing
Simple Troubleshooting Skills For Abnormal Vibration Temperature Of Ntn Bearing
Simple Troubleshooting Skills For Abnormal Vibration Temperature Of Ntn Bearing

If the bearing produces abnormal vibration during operation, it is very easy to damage it.

Specifically, it includes peeling damage, indentation damage, crack damage, abnormal wear and other damage phenomena. Therefore, the magnitude of vibration can be measured through the bearing vibration meter. The measured value varies according to the service conditions of enten bearing or the installation position of sensor.

We suggest that the customer Of Ntn Bearing record the value during normal operation of the machine in advance for comparative analysis.

One: observation method

If the bearing is well lubricated and properly blocks sundries and moisture, it means that the oil seal should not be worn However, when opening the bearing housing, visually inspect the bearing and regularly inspect the oil seal

Check the condition of the oil seals near the bearing to ensure that they are sufficient to prevent hot or corrosive liquid or gas from penetrating the bearing along the axis The protective ring and Of Ntn Bearing labyrinth oil seal should be coated with grease to ensure their great protection If the oil seal is worn, replace it as soon as possible.

Second: Listening

Using hearing to identify whether the ntien bearing operates correctly is a method used. If the bearing is in good working condition, it will make a low whine sound Sharp hiss, squeaks and other irregular sounds usually Of Ntn Bearing indicate that the bearing is in poor operation.

Application Technology And Repair Method Of Ntn Bearing

Simple Detection Method For Lack Of Lubricating Oil In Koyo Bearing

NTN bearings are mass-produced mechanical parts with strict manufacturing accuracy and high degree of technical specialization. Therefore, for the vast majority of bearing varieties that are easy to buy, it should be more cost-effective to buy than repair. The repair of bearings can only be considered under the following circumstances, namely:

(1) The failure forms of a large number of bearings of the same model used in large factories are mainly the wear, fatigue or fretting abrasion of the rolling surface. In particular, the damaged parts are mostly cages or rolling elements, and the rings or washers still have repair value;

(2) Large and extra large bearings are on the verge of failure or have failed without major damage to parts, or valuable NTN bearings must try to prolong their effective service life;

(3) Some bearing varieties that are really difficult to buy have to be repaired without spare parts after failure, especially imported Of Ntn Bearing bearings;

(4) The bearing has slight damage, such as slight water rust during storage and slight fretting abrasion during transportation. Such cases are easy to repair and regrettable to discard.

In addition to the economy, the repair of NTN bearing is also technical, which requires the repairer to fully understand the corresponding technical requirements of the bearing and the characteristics of the bearing and its parts in structure, process and materials. Otherwise, it is difficult to ensure that the bearing repair has a satisfactory effect.

In the business of repairing bearings, if users can obtain the cooperation of professional bearing enterprises, they may get the following benefits:

(1) It can clarify the technical requirements of each process of repair and how to ensure the Of Ntn Bearing overall quality of the repaired bearing,

(2) Many special experiences of professional bearing factories can be used, which can reliably, efficiently and economically meet the process requirements;

(3) You can order tooling cards and molds from professional bearing enterprises for repair business, which may be more economical and save a lot of trouble;

(4) You can order accessories such as cages, rolling elements and rivets from professional bearing enterprises, which may make the repair simple, convenient and economical.

If the NTN bearing is installed on the set sleeve, determine the direction of the bearing pedestal. The position of the oil nozzle on the top cover of the bearing pedestal shall always be on the other side of the set nut.

Attention must be paid to the direction of the whole bearing pedestal, because the top cover and base must be installed in the original direction.

1. The installation and disassembly of bearings are sometimes involved; The moving of heavy objects, the use of tools and other equipment or the use of high-pressure oil.

2. Ensure the environment is clean.

3. Check the dimension and shape tolerance of the journal.

4. Check that the surface roughness Ra of the support surface is not greater than 12.5 μ m。 Flatness tolerance shall be it7. For applications with lower requirements, it8 can be used.

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