Effect Of Lubricating Grease On Service Life Of Koyo Bearing
Effect Of Lubricating Grease On Service Life Of Koyo Bearing
Standard Method Of Installing Nsk Rolling Bearing And Lubrication Maintenance
Standard Method Of Installing Nsk Rolling Bearing And Lubrication Maintenance

What Should Be Paid Attention To When Installing Imported Fag Bearings?

Installing Imported Fag Bearings

The bearing is a precision part, so it is required to be quite cautious in use, that is, the high-performance fag imported bearing is used. If it is not used properly, it can not achieve the expected Imported Fag Bearings performance effect, and it is easy to damage the bearing.

1、 Pay attention to the following items when using bearings:

1. Keep the bearings and their surroundings clean

Even if the invisible smile dust enters the bearing, it will increase the wear, vibration and noise of the bearing.

2. Use and install carefully

It is not allowed to punch with force, directly knock the bearing with a hammer, and transfer pressure through the rolling element.

3. Use appropriate and accurate installation tools

Try to use special tools and try to avoid using things such as cloth and short fiber.

4. Prevent bearing corrosion

When taking the bearing directly Imported Fag Bearings by hand, fully wash the sweat from your hands and apply high-quality mineral oil before operation. Pay special attention to rust prevention in rainy season and summer.

However, under some special operating conditions, FAG Imported Fag Bearings imported bearings can obtain a longer life than the traditional calculation, especially under light load.

These special operating conditions are the surface Imported Fag Bearings damage that may be caused when the rolling surface (track and rolling parts) is effectively separated and limited by a lubricating oil film. In fact, under ideal conditions, the so-called permanent bearing life is possible.

What Should Be Paid Attention To When Installing Imported Fag Bearings?

2、 Bearing life:

The service life of rolling bearing is expressed in revolutions (or hours of operation at a certain Imported Fag Bearings speed). Definition: the bearing within this service life shall have preliminary fatigue damage (peeling or defect) on any bearing ring or rolling body.

However, no matter in the laboratory test or in actual use, it can be clearly seen that the appearance of the same bearing under the same working conditions is very different from the actual service life. In addition, there are several different definitions of fag imported bearing “life”, one of which is the so-called “working life”,

which means that the actual life of a bearing before damage is Imported Fag Bearings caused by wear and damage, which is usually not caused by fatigue, but by wear, corrosion, seal damage and other reasons.

3、 Causes and Countermeasures of bearing damage:

(1) Why is the bearing damaged by grinding?

Only part of the bearings are damaged in practical application.

Most bearings are broken for Imported Fag Bearings many reasons – exceeding the original estimated load, ineffective sealing, too small bearing clearance caused by too tight fit, etc. Any of these factors has its special damage type and will leave special damage traces.

Therefore, by examining the damaged bearing, we can find the possible causes in most cases. Generally speaking, one-third of the bearing damage is due to fatigue damage, the other one-third is due to poor lubrication, and the other one-third is due to the entry of pollutants into the bearing or improper installation and treatment.

However, these types of damage are also related to industry. For example, the pulp and paper Imported Fag Bearings industry is mostly due to bearing damage caused by poor lubrication or pollution, rather than material fatigue.

(2) . causes and Countermeasures of damage:

1. Excessive stripping load: check the size of the load. Correct load conditions. Poor installation (non-linearity) check the size of the load and re study the bearing used. Correct load conditions.

2. Moment load foreign matter intrusion and water inflow: improve the sealing device and prevent rust during shutdown. Improve the surface finish of paired rolling parts.

It presents a dark surface with slight wear, on which there are Imported Fag Bearings several micro cracks with a depth of 5-10m from the surface to the inside, and micro peeling (micro peeling) fracture occurs in a large range, which is hit during installation. Improve the sealing device.

3. Poor lubrication and inappropriate lubricant: use lubricant with appropriate viscosity and improve lubrication method. The surface finish of paired rolling parts is not good. Foreign matter has entered the lubricant. Select the appropriate lubricant.

4. Fag inlet bearing clearance is improper. Poor accuracy of bearing housing and uneven rigidity of bearing housing: check the accuracy of shaft and bearing housing. Clearance check.

5. The shaft has large deflection, rust, erosion point, scratch and indentation. Check the accuracy of the shaft and fag imported bearing housing. When the bearing rotates under load, the raceway surface or rolling surface of the inner ring and outer ring presents fish scale peeling phenomenon due to rolling fatigue.

The so-called card injury is the surface damage caused by the collection of minor burns in the part of the sliding surface injury. Poor lubricant causes rough surface. Peeling lubricant is not suitable. Improve lubricants and lubrication methods.

6. Development caused by (surface deformation phenomenon). Foreign body bite. Excessive load. Poor use. Improve the installation method (use hot installation and appropriate tool clamp).

Fag inlet bearing is installed in place to support the retaining edge. The so-called fracture refers to a small part of the fracture due to the impact or excessive load on the retaining edge of the raceway wheel or the local part of the roller angle. Jamming, excessive load and preloading.

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