Failure factors and maintenance measures of Timken imported bearing
Failure factors and maintenance measures of Timken imported bearing
Limit speed of NSK bearing
Limit speed of NSK bearing

The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed

  • For the use of bearings, noise is very common. The same is true even for low-noise bearings in fag bearings. So why does it make noise?The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  •  Raceway sound of fag bearing and its control method raceway sound is a smooth and continuous sound made by the rolling body rolling on the raceway surface when fag bearing is running. It is a unique basic sound that will occur in all rolling bearings. The general bearing sound is the sound of raceway plus other sounds. The raceway sound of ball bearing is irregular, and its frequency is above 1000Hz. The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  • Its main frequency does not change with the speed, but its total sound pressure level increases with the speed. For the bearing with loud raceway sound, the sound pressure level of raceway sound decreases with the increase of viscosity; For bearings with low raceway noise, the sound pressure level changes from decrease to increase when the viscosity increases to more than 20mm2 / s. The greater the rigidity of the bearing pedestal, the lower the total sound pressure level of the raceway sound.The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  •  If the radial clearance is too small, the total sound pressure level and dominant frequency of raceway sound will increase sharply with the decrease of radial clearance. The methods to control the sound of raceway are: select low-noise bearings, that is, bearings with small waviness, and carefully select the service conditions. Raceway noise often affects the noise of the whole machinery. Reducing raceway noise can reduce the noise of the whole machinery.The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  •  Impact sound of rolling element and its control method when the ball bearing or cylindrical roller bearing of larger model runs at low speed under pure radial load, due to the small centrifugal force of the rolling element, the rolling element in the non load area will impact the cage or raceway and make noise. But as the speed increases, the sound will disappear. The control methods of impact sound of rolling elements are: appropriately reduce the radial clearance, and use the bearing of cage with reasonable structure and flexible material.The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  •  Rolling sound of fag bearing and its control method rolling sound is the harsh metal friction sound that can occur in cylindrical roller bearings on all occasions. It mostly occurs in larger types of grease lubricated bearings, but it is more likely to occur in greases with degraded base oil performance, which hardly occurs in oil lubrication. In addition, it is easy to occur in winter. The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  • When bearing pure radial load, it is easy to occur in the case of large radial clearance, and it is easy to occur in a specific speed range with different models and sizes, both continuously and intermittently. Special processing methods for the outer ring raceway can prevent the occurrence of rolling sound. If necessary, this kind of bearing can be selected, or the radial clearance of the bearing can be appropriately reduced, the lubricating grease with excellent performance can be used and the rigidity of the parts matched with the bearing can be improved.The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  • The metallurgical quality of Timken imported bearing materials was once the main factor affecting the early failure of Timken imported rolling bearings. With the development of Metallurgical Technology (such as vacuum degassing of bearing steel), the quality of raw materials has been improved. The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  • The proportion of raw material quality factor in Timken imported bearing failure analysis has decreased significantly, but it is still one of the main influencing factors of Timken imported bearing failure. Proper material selection is still a factor that must be considered in bearing failure analysis.The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  • The main task of Timken imported bearing failure analysis is to find out the main factors causing bearing failure according to a large number of background materials, analysis data and failure forms, so as to put forward targeted improvement measures, prolong the service life of Timken imported bearings and avoid sudden early failure of Timken imported bearings.The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  • For sealed Timken imported bearings, appropriate grease has been filled during production; For the bearing, a sealing device is also set in the main engine to prevent the leakage of lubricating grease.The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  • There is a problem of how much grease should be injected into Timken imported bearings.The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  • Too little grease injection is easy to cause lack of grease or dry friction and affect service life. Excessive grease injection will lead to a large amount of grease leakage, which will not only pollute the environment, but also cause waste. It can be seen that the amount of grease injected into Timken imported bearing is the less the better on the premise of ensuring the full lubrication of Timken imported bearing.The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  • Advantages and disadvantages of grease lubrication under normal working conditions, grease lubrication can be used for most Timken imported bearing applications.The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  • The advantage of grease is that it is easier to retain in Timken imported bearing configuration, especially in applications where the vertical axis or axis is inclined at a certain angle. The grease also has the function of sealing, which can prevent the influence of pollutants, moisture or moisture on Timken imported bearings. The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  • However, if there is too much grease, it will lead to the increase of bearing working temperature, especially in the application of high speed. In most cases, the Timken inlet bearing can be completely filled with grease only at the initial stage, while the Timken inlet bearing seat is only filled with an appropriate amount of grease and left with a certain free space.The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  •  Before fully reaching the working speed, the excess grease must be discharged from the bearing during the running in stage, so that an appropriate amount of grease can be left in the Timken inlet bearing. When the operating temperature drops significantly, it indicates that the grease has run in with the bearing and is evenly distributed in the Timken imported bearing configuration.The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  •  The so-called constant pressure preload is a method of giving appropriate preparatory load to the bearing by using coil spring and Belleville spring. In use, even if the relative position of the bearing changes, the preloading method. In use, even if there is a change in the relative position of the walking out, the preload can be roughly maintained at a certain level.The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  • Preload line diagram of SKF imported bearing after constant pressure preload. The rigidity of preload spring is usually very small compared with that of bearing. Therefore, the displacement straight line of spring is approximately parallel to the horizontal axis. Therefore, the rigidity of single bearing with constant pressure preload is the same as that of pre applied preload
  • The rigidity of the single bearing with axial load is roughly the same. Comparison of rigidity between SKF imported bearing and bearing monomer after positioning preload and constant pressure preload.The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  • According to the rigidity comparison of preloading methods, the comparison of positioning preload and constant pressure preload is as follows. After fag bearing installation, in order to check whether the installation is correct, operation inspection shall be carried out. Small machinery can be rotated by hand to confirm whether it rotates smoothly. 
The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  • The inspection items include poor operation caused by foreign matters, scars and indentation, unstable torque caused by poor installation and poor processing of mounting base, excessive torque caused by too small clearance, installation error and sealing friction, etc. If there is no abnormality, the power operation can be started.The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed

The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed

  • Large machinery cannot rotate manually, so the power shall be cut off immediately after no-load start, and the machinery idles. Check whether there is vibration, noise, contact of rotating parts, etc. after confirming that there is no abnormality, enter the power operation.The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  • Power operation, starting from no-load and low speed, slowly increase to the rated operation under the specified conditions. During the test run, the inspection items are whether there is abnormal sound, FAG bearing temperature change, lubricant leakage or discoloration, etc. If any abnormality is found, stop the operation immediately, check the machinery, and remove the bearing for inspection if necessary.The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  • Fag bearing temperature can generally be inferred from the external temperature of bearing pedestal. However, it is more accurate to directly measure the temperature of the bearing outer ring by using the oil hole. The bearing temperature rises gradually from the beginning of operation, and the temperature is usually stable after 1 ~ 2 hours.The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  •  If the bearing is not installed properly, the temperature will rise sharply, resulting in abnormal high temperature. The reasons are too much lubricant, too small bearing clearance, poor installation, excessive friction of sealing device, etc. In the case of high-speed rotation, the wrong selection of fag bearing structure and lubrication mode is also the reason.The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  • The rotation of fag bearing is checked with stethoscope, and there are strong metal noise, abnormal sound, irregular sound and other indications of abnormality. The reasons are poor lubrication, poor accuracy of shaft or bearing seat, bearing damage, foreign matter intrusion, etc. The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  • Using lead pressure method to detect the clearance of NTN imported bearing is more accurate than using feeler gauge, but it is more troublesome. The aluminum wire used for testing should be soft, and the diameter should not be too large or too small. The ideal diameter is 1.5 ~ 2 times of the gap. In practical work, soft lead wire is usually used for testing.The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  • During the inspection, first open the NTN inlet bearing cover, select the lead wire with appropriate diameter, cut it into a small section with a length of 15 ~ 40mm, put it on the journal and the interface between the upper and lower bearings, cover the bearing cover, tighten the fixing bolts according to the specified torque, then loosen the bolts, remove the bearing cover, detect the thickness of the flattened lead wire with a micrometer, and calculate the average value of the top clearance of the NTN inlet bearing.The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  • If the top clearance is too small, a pad can be added on the joint surface of the upper and lower tiles. If it is too large, the pad shall be reduced, scraped or the tile shall be poured again.The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  • Adjustment of bearing bush tightening force: in order to prevent the possible rotation and axial movement of the bearing bush during the working process, in addition to the interference and stop parts, the bearing bush must also be compressed with NTN imported bearing cover. The measurement method is the same as the top clearance measurement method. In addition to measuring the thickness of soft lead wire, the bearing bush tightening force can be calculated (expressed by the elastic deformation of the bearing bush after compression)The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  • Generally, the pressing force of bearing bush is 0.02 ~ 0.04 mm. If the pressing force does not meet the standard, it can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the thickness of the gasket at the joint surface of NTN inlet bearing and bearing seat, and the pad back is not allowed to be padded.The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  • In addition to radial clearance, the sliding NTN inlet bearing should also ensure axial clearance. When detecting the axial clearance, move the shaft to an extreme position, and then measure the displacement of the shaft from one extreme position to another with a feeler gauge or dial indicator, that is, the axial clearance.The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  • When the clearance of sliding NTN inlet bearing does not meet the regulations, it shall be adjusted. Split bearings often use shims to adjust the radial clearance (top clearance). Koyo imported bearings show strong regularity and good repeatability in their use. When the normal high-quality bearing (Koyo imported bearing) is used at the beginning, the vibration and noise are relatively small, but the spectrum is scattered and the amplitude is small, which may be caused by some defects in the manufacturing process, such as surface burrs.The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  • After moving for a period of time, the vibration and noise maintain a certain level, and the spectrum is very single, with only one or two times the frequency. The frequency spectrum above three times of power frequency rarely appears, and the bearing state is very stable and enters the stable working period.
  • After continued operation and entering the later stage of use, the vibration and noise of Koyo imported bearing began to increase, and sometimes abnormal sound appeared, but the vibration increased slowly. At this time, the bearing kurtosis began to suddenly reach a certain value. We believe that at this time, the imported bearing of Koyo shows initial failure.vThe essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  • At this time, it is required to closely monitor the imported Koyo bearing and pay close attention to its changes. Since then, the bearing kurtosis value began to decline rapidly and close to the normal value, while the vibration and noise began to increase significantly, and the increase amplitude began to accelerate. When the vibration exceeded the vibration standard (such as ISO2372 standard), the bearing kurtosis value also began to increase rapidly. The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  • When both the vibration standard and the kurtosis value also exceeded the normal value (the relative standard of kurtosis available), we believe that the bearing has entered the late fault production, and the equipment needs to be repaired in time, Replace the Koyo imported bearing.The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  • Koyo imported bearings show the characteristics of late failure. The time from serious failure (generally bearing damage, such as shaft holding, burn, sand frame crack, raceway, bead wear, etc.) is usually less than one week. The larger the equipment capacity, the faster the speed, and the shorter the interval. Therefore, in the actual Koyo imported bearing fault diagnosis, once the late fault characteristics are found, the bearing fault should be determined and the maintenance should be arranged as soon as possible. Although the bearing is metal, it will also be damaged. The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  • No matter what hard material it is, it will be damaged, but the degree of damage is different. We all know that Timken bearings are of good quality and made of good steel. Steel is a very solid material, but it will also be damaged. Timken bearings run in the machine every day, and it is easy to damage Timken bearings due to constant friction, Therefore, we should also prevent the damage of Timken bearing, maintain the bearing well, and do not use the bearing indiscriminately, causing unnecessary losses to ourselves.The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  • So how to deal with the bearing damage. If the bearing is used correctly, it can be used until the fatigue life is reached. However, there will be accidental and premature damage, which can not be resistant to use. This early damage, as opposed to fatigue life, is the quality service limit known as failure or accident. Most of them are caused by careless installation, use and lubrication, foreign matters invading from the outside, and insufficient research on the thermal effects of shafts and shells. The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  • As for the damage state of the bearing, such as the clamping damage of the ring and retaining edge of the roller bearing, these reasons can be considered. These reasons also coincide with insufficient lubricant, unfitness, defects of the oil supply and drainage structure, invasion of foreign matters, bearing installation error and excessive deflection of the shaft. Therefore, only investigating the bearing damage, it is difficult to know the real cause of the damage. However, if you know the use machinery, service conditions, structure around the bearing, understand the situation before and after the accident, and investigate the damage state of the bearing and several causes, you can prevent similar accidents from happening again.
  • Through the introduction, it can be found that the correct use will not cause damage to the bearing. Incorrect installation, external immersion in foreign matters and improper lubrication are the main causes of bearing damage. Therefore, enterprises should pay more attention to these aspects in the use of bearings to prevent bearing damage and affect the work. If a deeper compressive stress layer occurs in some way, for corrosion stress. It can offset the tensile stress of the workpiece, greatly reduce the harm of corrosion fatigue, and strive to change the induction heating. 
  • When the sensor contacts the workpiece, its resistance to the ground drops rapidly. At this time, the sudden drop of resistance can be used as an electrical signal. The induction heating power source can be cut off immediately through the transistor switch line, and an alarm signal will be sent at the same time. After the fault is eliminated, the power will be sent to restore the induction heating of the workpiece. The dimensional accuracy and surface quality of imported bearings shall be as good as possible to prevent dust from mixing in during assembly. 
  • The hardened layer depth of frequency induction heating quenching is 37mm, the hardened layer depth is ≥ 2.3mm, the hardened layer depth of 110mm in the West and 120ram are ≥ 4mm and ≥ 6ram respectively. During production, it is found that the half shafts of several drive axles are 120mm, resulting in uneven structure of bucket teeth, low hardness of inserts and no strengthening effect. The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  • On the contrary, it is lower than the strength and hardness of the base body, and poor wear resistance. The overall strength of bucket teeth is lack and poor wear resistance. The excavator is under severe working conditions.The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed
  • There are often multiple fracture crack sources, most of which originate from the inner surface of NSK bearing water jacket. Black corrosion appears in the crack source area, but the morphological characteristics of fatigue arc band are not obvious and clear. The essential factors of fag bearing noise are analyzed

FAG Bearing

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In 1883, Friedrich Fisher in the German town of Schweinfurt first designed a special steel ball grinding machine that made complete spherical steel balls possible. This idea is considered to be the historic beginning of the rolling bearing industry, which is why FAG has long been recognised as a pioneer in rolling bearing technology. Today it is one of the leading brands in the fields of mechanical engineering, the automotive industry and aerospace technology.

Product Catalog of FAG

FAG Angular Contact Ball Bearings
FAG Tapered roller bearings
FAG deep groove ball bearings
Needle Roller Bearing
FAG deep groove ball bearings
FAG Pillow Block
FAG Self-Aligning Ball Bearings
FAG Cylindrical roller bearings
FAG Thrust Ball
FAG Thrust Roller
FAG Self-Aligning Ball Bearings
FAG Spherical roller bearings
More Bearings

FAG Angular Contact Ball Bearing

Single row angular contact ball bearings are self-retaining units with solid inner and outer rings and ball and cage assemblies with polyamide, sheet metal or brass cages. The raceways of the inner and outer rings are offset from each other along the bearing axis. The bearings are available in open and sealed designs. They have very limited angle adjustment facilities.

Double row angular contact ball bearings can withstand axial loads in both directions and high radial loads. They are particularly suitable for bearing configurations where rigid axial guidance is required.

FAG Angular Contact Ball Bearing

FAG deep groove ball bearings

FAG deep groove ball bearings are available in many different types in radial and axial designs.

Single row deep groove ball bearings are available in open and sealed designs. They are designed for high to very high speeds and can withstand both radial and axial forces.

Double row deep groove ball bearings correspond in design to single row deep groove ball bearings and are used where the radial load capacity of single row deep groove ball bearings is insufficient.

FAG axial deep groove ball bearings are available in one-way or two-way design variants. These bearings are particularly suitable for high axial loads.

FAG deep groove ball bearings

FAG Four-point contact bearings

Four-point contact bearings are single-row angular contact ball bearings and therefore require much less space in the axial direction than double-row designs.

These bearings comprise a solid outer ring, a split inner ring and a ball and cage assembly with a brass or polyamide cage. The two-piece inner ring can accommodate a large number of balls. The inner ring halves are matched to the specific bearing and must not be interchanged with other bearings of the same size. Outer rings with ball and cage assemblies can be fitted separately from the two inner ring halves.

Four-point contact bearings

FAG Self-Aligning Ball Bearings

Self-aligning ball bearings are double-row self-retaining units comprising an outer ring with concave raceways, an inner ring with cylindrical or tapered bore and a ball and cage assembly. The bearings are available in open and sealed designs.

FAG Self-Aligning Ball Bearings

FAG Spindle Bearings

Spindle bearings are single row angular contact ball bearings consisting of a solid inner and outer ring and a ball and cage assembly with a solid window cage. They cannot be removed. The bearings are available in open and sealed designs.

Spindle bearings have limited tolerances. They are particularly suitable for bearing configurations where very high requirements are placed on guidance accuracy and high-speed suitability. They have proven to be ideal for machine tool spindle bearing arrangements.

FAG Spindle Bearings

FAG Barrel roller bearings

FAG Barrel roller bearings are single row spherical roller bearings. They comprise a solid outer ring with concave raceways, a solid inner ring with two baffles and a cylindrical or tapered bore and a drum roller with a cage. The bearings cannot be dismantled.

FAG Barrel roller bearings are particularly suitable where high radial shock-type loads occur and misalignments must be compensated for; see the section on compensation for angular misalignment. They only have a low axial load carrying capacity.

FAG Barrel roller bearings

FAG Cylindrical roller bearings

The “classic” cylindrical roller bearing has an extremely high radial load carrying capacity and high rigidity. In addition to high radial loads, cylindrical roller bearings can also carry axial loads if they are used as semi-locating or locating bearings.
Single row cylindrical roller bearings with cage are units consisting of solid inner and outer rings as well as cylindrical roller and cage assemblies. The outer ring has rigid retaining edges or no retaining edges on both sides and the inner ring has one or two rigid retaining edges or is designed without retaining edges. The cage prevents the cylindrical rollers from coming into contact with each other during rolling.

FAG Cylindrical roller bearings

FAG Spherical roller bearings

The spherical roller bearing is a special rolling bearing design in which the inner ring runs inside the outer ring on two rows of rollers. With an angular adjustment of up to 2°, the bearings are designed not only for high load carrying capacity but also to compensate for misalignments.
Providing excellent performance: spherical roller bearings are designed for systems that must support high loads and compensate for shaft bending and misalignment. They offer extremely high performance and are designed to carry extreme loads

Our engineers have accumulated decades of experience and combined it with innovative ideas to further improve our spherical roller bearings. In fact, our pursuit of perfection in development and production ensures optimum kinematics and low wear, which further extends service life. And low maintenance costs are kept to a minimum.

FAG Spherical roller bearings

FAG Tapered roller bearings

FAG tapered roller bearings can withstand high radial and axial loads. They are available in a wide speed range. Thanks to the large effective distance between the bearings, they effectively support forces and ensure a precise and rigid shaft guidance system. The tapered roller bearings can be adjusted and dismantled and are easy to mount.

FA tapered roller bearings – reliable, energy-efficient and with high load carrying capacity, optimised for geometry, surface, dimensional and operational accuracy as well as material and heat treatment processes. FAG tapered roller bearings increase the overall efficiency of machines and plants.

FAG Tapered roller bearings

FAG Pillow Block Bearings

Bearing housing units are robust, ready-to-install machine components for designing economical bearing configurations. The bore of the housing and the outer ring of the bearing have a spherical profile and are matched to each other. This adjusts the bearing rings in the housing for static shaft misalignment. Due to their special mounting type – mainly eccentric locking rings or flat head screws – radial spherical ball bearings are easily fixed to the shaft. They are particularly easy to mount when they are used in combination with retracted shafts.

FAG Pillow Block Bearings

Product Description of FAG Bearing

Application of FAG Bearing

  • Application-Paper Machinery
  • Papermaking machinery is a machine that includes raw material preparation, pulping, papermaking, roll or sheet, and paper and paperboard processing. , Pulp washer, pulper, beater, waste liquid recovery equipment, headbox, cleaner, press, drying, calendering, paper roll, transmission, and other auxiliary systems such as steam, water, vacuum, lubrication, Heat recovery, etc.
FAG Bearing

The Fag wheel bearing used in these paper machines are called FAG bearings for paper machines. In these equipment, FAG bearing series products are basically included, but this article mainly introduces professional bearing products that are prone to failure and directly affect production. Details are as follows:

In recent years, in order to improve production efficiency, the paper industry has developed in a high-speed and wide-width direction. In addition, in order to reduce downtime caused by unexpected failures, bearings used in paper machines need to have higher reliability.

FAG has a product line that can meet these needs, and every part of the paper production line is equipped with FAG bearings. Because the rollers of the bearings used in the paper machine dryer rolls pass high-temperature steam, the bearings must be in a high-temperature environment. For this reason, the bearing may peel off prematurely due to insufficient lubricant film formation, creep due to long-term high temperature use and aging, and increase stress due to the temperature difference between the shaft and the inner ring, which may cause damage to the inner ring of the bearing. In particular, cracks in the inner ring can cause major accidents and cause downtime.

In response to these problems, FAG has developed a high-hardness, long-life bearing. Through special carbonitriding treatment of the material, the crack resistance of the inner ring is improved, and it has dimensional stability at high temperatures. The imported FAG bearing has the best reliability among similar products. As a special bearing for the hydraulic cylinder drum of the dryer section, it has established a solid position in the market.

FAG Bearings

Shipping & Package of FAG Bearing

Shipping port: Qingdao/Tianjin
Supply Ability: 100,000 pieces per month

  1. Plastic bag + single box + carton + plywood pallet
  2. Neutral industrial packaging + neutral carton packaging + pallet
  3. According to customer requirements

Why choose us

  1. Sample requirements: Contact us via email or trade manager, we will send samples according to your requirements.
  2.  World-class bearings: We provide customers with world-class quality domestically produced bearings.
  3. OEM or non-support bearings: As we have a wealth of knowledge and connections in the industry, we can easily meet any requirements for non-standard bearings.
  4. Outstanding quality of genuine products: The company has been proving that it provides 100% quality products with genuine intentions.
  5.  After-sales service and technical assistance: The company provides after-sales service and technical assistance according to customer requirements and needs.
  6. Fast delivery: The company provides on-time delivery through its streamlined supply chain.
  7.  Cost-saving: We provide long-life, anti-vibration, high-reliability bearings with high quality and better performance. This increases cost savings.
  8.  Answer customers’ questions in time: We believe that if customers are satisfied, it proves our value.
    Customers always get fast support.

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Due to their internal design, ball bearings cannot usually be disassembled down to the component level; therefore, they cannot usually be refurbished.

Solid base shells are manufactured without cavities and fillers; they are stronger than hollow bases, and there are no traps for bacteria and fungi to grow. In the thermoplastic shell, the sturdy base will not break under steam or high-pressure washing. The hollow base saves material and weight to reduce costs. Some people use epoxy resin to backfill the hollow base to eliminate the trap of bacteria breeding, but this will not increase the strength, will cause the installation surface to be uneven, and water will seep between the shell and the filling material, causing cracking.

Use particularly thermally stable bearing rings, larger internal clearance (C4), specially selected lubricants that will not decompose at high temperatures, and zinc anodized flinger. There are two basic versions of our high temperature bearings. The suffix “C4HR5” represents the bearing that can withstand 400°F, and the suffix “C4HR23” represents the bearing that can withstand 450°F.

For critical applications such as pulp and paper processing, printing and packaging, material tearing can cause expensive downtime due to excessive torque and vibration.

The two biggest factors affecting the starting and running torque of the bearing are the seal design and lubricant selection. The shaft and bearing seat fit, component accuracy and surface finish, and retainer design also have some influence.

In higher speed applications, non-contact sealing devices are usually required to minimize operating torque and heat generation, so oil baffle rings and secondary sealing devices are usually required. Flowing oil lubrication systems are usually the best solution.

After proper installation, most seated bearings only need to be relubricated regularly with a small amount of grease and checked to ensure that they operate at low temperatures, quietness, and sufficient accuracy.

This depends on many factors, such as the application’s load conditions, operating speed, duty cycle, temperature, and operating environment. The technical information section of this website provides some basic information. Our engineers can help you determine more specific theoretical life calculations.

When noise and/or operating temperature increase or operating accuracy decreases, bearings should be replaced.

Lubricant of choice
Lubrication joint type or location
Sealing materials and design options
Dimensions, suitable for housing or insert
Fixing screw options
Paint the shell in any color

Too little or too much lubricant
Incorrect lubricant type
Poor bearing installation
Improper internal clearance
Excessive load and/or speed
Extreme temperature
Movement between mounting surfaces

The noise emitted by the bearing may be caused by a combination of one or more factors, such as insufficient working clearance, excessive working clearance, changes in working clearance due to temperature, damage to the contact area, contamination, inappropriate lubricants or The raceway is damaged.

Lubricants have five basic functions for bearings:

Reduce friction
Reduce wear
Reduce temperature rise
Minimize corrosion
Seal contaminants

We do not recommend mixing grease. Mixing incompatible greases will cause the mixture to harden, preventing it from releasing any oil. Mixing incompatible greases can also soften the mixture, which releases all the oil. In either case, the mixture will not be able to properly lubricate the bearing. We strongly recommend using the same type of grease originally provided with the bearing.

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