Basic Conditions For Maintenance And Use Of Timken Bearing Grease
Basic Conditions For Maintenance And Use Of Timken Bearing Grease
Adjustment And Pre Tightening Of Clearance Of Rolling Bearing
Adjustment And Pre Tightening Of Clearance Of Rolling Bearing

What Precautions Should Be Taken When Using Schaeffler Bearing

Schaeffler Bearing

Rolling bearings make precision parts, so it is required to be cautious when using them. Since high-performance bearings are used, if they are not used properly, they can not achieve the expected performance effect. Therefore, the following matters should be paid attention to when using Schaeffler bearings:

Keep the bearings and their surroundings clean. Even if the invisible smile dust enters the bearing, it will increase the wear, vibration and noise of the bearing.

When using and installing, it shall be careful. It is not allowed to punch with force, directly knock the bearing with a hammer, and transfer pressure through the rolling body.

Use proper and accurate installation tools, try to use special tools, and try to avoid using cloth and short fiber.

Prevent the bearing from rusting. When taking the bearing directly by hand, fully wash the sweat from your hands and apply high-quality mineral oil before operation. Pay special attention to rust prevention in rainy season and summer.

Selection and control of shaft and bearing housing tolerance: the bearing shall rotate flexibly without blocking feeling after being pressed into Schaeffler bearing. If there is obvious inflexible rotation, it indicates that the size of the shaft is too large and the tolerance should be reduced.

If there is an obvious “rusty” feeling when the bearing is rotated by hand after being put into the bearing, it may be that the tolerance of the Schaeffler Bearing bearing is too large or the roundness of the bearing is not good.

Therefore, when controlling the tolerance of shaft and bearing chamber, it is also necessary to Schaeffler Bearing control the roundness. At present, many domestic manufacturers only control the tolerance, not the roundness.

What Precautions Should Be Taken When Using Schaeffler Bearing

Bearing assembly method: because the bearing is a high-precision product,

if it is not assembled properly, it is easy to damage the bearing channel and lead to bearing damage. The bearing shall be equipped with a special mold during assembly, which cannot be knocked at will. When pressing the shaft, only the small ring can be stressed, and when pressing the large ring, only the large ring can be stressed.

Pneumatic or hydraulic pressure is required during assembly. During press assembly, the upper and lower molds shall be outside the horizontal state. If there is inclination, the Schaeffler bearing channel will be damaged due to stress and the bearing will make a guide sound.

Prevention of assembly foreign matters: when the bearing is installed on the rotor for dynamic balance, it is easy to enter the iron filings generated during dynamic balance into the bearing,

so it is necessary to perform Schaeffler Bearing dynamic balance before installing the bearing. In order to facilitate assembly, some manufacturers apply some oil or grease in the bearing chamber for lubrication effect during assembly, but it is often difficult for operators to control the amount.

If more oil or grease is accumulated in the bearing chamber, it is easy to enter the bearing along the shaft when the bearing rotates. The bearing chamber shall not be coated with oil or grease. If it must be coated, it shall be controlled and there shall be no accumulation in the bearing chamber.

Prevention of paint rust: paint rust is often found in sealed motors. The sound of the motor is very good during assembly, but after being Schaeffler Bearing placed in the warehouse for some time, the abnormal noise of the motor becomes very large, and there is serious rust when removing the bearing.

In the past, many manufacturers thought it was the bearing problem. After our continuous publicity, now the motor factory has realized that the main problem is the insulating paint. This problem is mainly because the acidic substances volatilized from the insulating paint form corrosive substances at a certain temperature and humidity,

which corrodes the bearing channel and leads to bearing damage. At present, the problem can only be to select good insulating paint and assemble after drying and Schaeffler Bearing ventilation for a period of time.

The service life of the bearing is closely related to manufacturing, assembly and use. It must be done well in each link in order to make the Schaeffler bearing in a good running state and prolong the service life of the bearing.