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INA rolling contact bearing
Points for attention during loading and unloading of INA Bearing

Adaptability of NTN bearing temperature high

  • Adaptability of NTN bearing temperature high. The heat treatment adaptability of NTN bearing with outer diameter less than 240mm ensures its dimensional stability below 150 degrees. If the operating temperature is higher than 150 ℃, special heat treatment is required. This type of NTN bearing is marked by suffixes S1 to S4 (DIN 623).

  • S1: high working bearing temperature 200 ℃

    S2: high working bearing temperature 250 ℃

    S3: high working bearing temperature 300 ℃

    S4: high operating bearing temperature 350 ℃

  • NTN bearings with an outer diameter greater than 240mm generally maintain a stable size below 200 degrees.

  • The cage made of glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 is used for NTN bearing, which is applicable to the stable state with the working temperature not exceeding 120 ° C. when the NTN bearing is lubricated with oil, if the oil contains additives, the service life of the cage may be shortened. When the temperature exceeds 120 ℃, the aging lubricating oil will also shorten the life of the cage. Therefore, pay attention to observe and replace the lubricating oil as scheduled.adaptability of NTN bearing

adaptability of NTN bearing
adaptability of NTN bearing
bearing temperature
  1. The allowable temperature of the sealed NTN bearing also depends on the service life of the lubricating grease filled therein and the requirements of the contact seal.

  2. Sealed adaptability of NTN bearing are lubricated with specially tested high-quality lithium based grease. This grease can withstand a high temperature of 120 degrees for a short time. If the stable operating temperature reaches 70 ° C or higher, the service life of standard lithium grease will be shortened.

  3. Special grease must be used to work under high temperature frequently, and attention should be paid to whether heat-resistant materials are used as sealing devices. The service temperature of standard contact seal shall not exceed 110 ℃.

  4. If a high-temperature synthetic material is used for sealing, it should also be considered that this very effective fluorinated material will emit harmful gas and smoke when the temperature exceeds 300 degrees. Especially when the welding gun is used to disassemble the NTN bearing

Causes and solutions of high temperature of adaptability of NTN bearing

Temperature rise adaptability of NTN  bearing

  1. There is an alarm bell
  2. The hydraulic machinery fault light plate on the side panel of the turbine is on, the instrument temperature indicating the bearing temperature rises, and the signal relay acts.
  3. the black needle of thermometer dial (expansion thermometer) coincides with or exceeds the yellow needle.
  4. send the fault signal of bearing temperature rise.

Reasons for temperature rise adaptability of NTN bearing

  1. bearing cooling water is interrupted.
  2. The oil quality is deteriorated, the oil itself is not clean or the oil is deteriorated during operation. If the water content in the oil increases, the acidity of the oil will increase, the lubricating effect of the oil will be reduced, the bearing bush will be corroded, and the bearing temperature will rise.

Adaptability of NTN bearing temperature rise

When the bearing temperature rises, first judge whether there is malfunction. If it does rise, the following treatment shall be carried out:
  1.  Check whether the cooling water pressure, water flow and pipeline system are normal. If the water pressure is low, the filter may be blocked and cannot be treated in time, it can be stopped for treatment. When it is confirmed that it can work, it can be put into use.
  2. Check the oil pressure of the governor. If the oil pressure is low, the cooling water hydraulic valve may be closed.
  3. Check whether the bearing has abnormal sound and whether the bearing swing is abnormal.
  4. Take the oil sample to observe whether the oil color changes, and carry out the test to see whether it is deteriorated. If it is confirmed that the oil is deteriorated, stop the machine and replace it with new oil.
  5. Check whether the oil level of the oil gauge is normal. If not, check whether the oil drain valve of the oil tank is closed tightly. If it has been closed tightly, oil shall be replenished; if it is oil leakage from the sealant pad, the machine shall be shut down for treatment.

When we use NTN imported bearings, if we find that the temperature is very high, we should stop the equipment immediately, find out the cause and deal with it according to the solutions provided above. However, the solutions may be different due to different reasons for bearing heating, so we should treat it on a case by case basis with the help of technicians.

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