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Use and packaging of SKF bearings
Precautions for use, matching and packaging of SKF bearings
Causes of nine common faults of INA bearings
Nine common causes of INA bearing failure

Selection and application of FAG imported spindle bearings

Selection criteria for FAG imported spindle bearings for machine tool spindles

The development of the machine tool industry in the heavy industry has been exceptionally rapid, invariably leading to the development of the chain industry, as an important part of the machine tool spindle, the selection should refer to how the criteria.

FAG imported spindle bearings
FAG imported spindle bearings
FAG imported spindle bearings
  • Rotational speed and temperature rise
    With the development of science and technology, machine tool spindle speed is getting higher and higher, the range of variable speed is getting bigger and bigger, therefore, the requirements of FAG import bearing high-speed running stability is also getting higher and higher. Machine tool spindle FAG import bearing temperature rise is an important factor limiting the speed of FAG import bearing. Usually, the correct choice of FAG import bearing type, tolerance level, configuration, clearance (preload) size, lubricants and lubrication, etc., can improve the rolling FAG import bearing high-speed performance to a certain extent.
  • Life and bearing capacity
    For general machine tools, the life of the spindle assembly is mainly refers to its use period to maintain the accuracy of the spindle, therefore, the requirements of the FAG import bearing accuracy to maintain performance to meet the requirements of the life of the spindle assembly. For heavy machine tools or powerful cutting machine tools, should first consider the bearing capacity of FAG imported spindle bearings
  • Stiffness and vibration resistance
    In order to ensure the processing quality of machine tools, must make the spindle system has enough rigidity, otherwise it will produce a large error of reflection or even chatter. Vibration resistance refers to the ability to resist forced vibration and self-excited vibration. The vibration resistance of the spindle assembly depends on the stiffness and damping of the spindle and FAG imported spindle bearings. The use of pre-tensioned rolling FAG imported spindle bearings can effectively improve the stiffness of the spindle system.
  • Noise
    In high-speed grinding machines, the noise of the grinding head FAG import bearing is the main component in the noise of the whole machine, and a low-noise rolling FAG import bearing should be used.

Characteristics of spindle bearings

FAG imported spindle bearings oil is a special lubricant for precision machine tools and similar equipment FAG imported spindle bearings, which plays a very important role in ensuring the working accuracy and performance of the spindle and extending its service life, also known as FAG import bearing oil.

Spindle Bearings-Main Properties

  1. suitable viscosity and good viscosity temperature characteristics
    In order to make the machine tool spindle temperature is not too high and make the machine tool thermal deformation, affect the processing accuracy or make FAG imported spindle bearings lubrication bad, should be based on the spindle FAG import bearing structure, speed and FAG import bearing clearance, etc. choose the appropriate temperature of the lubricant and require it to have good viscosity temperature characteristics, prevent the spindle working temperature and ambient temperature change is large, viscosity change is too large and affect its lubrication performance.
  2. Good lubricity
    In order to make the spindle and FAG import bearing contact surface to maintain a uniform oil film, and in the spindle to start or stop the movement of the impact load when the oil film is not destroyed, to maintain good lubrication performance to reduce friction and friction heat, reduce the spindle temperature rise, to ensure the role of processing accuracy, requires a good lubrication performance.
  3. Good oxidation resistance
    Machine tool spindle in the use of cyclic lubrication, spindle FAG import bearing oil required for long-term use and does not deteriorate, so the requirement of good oxidation resistance.
  4. Good rust resistance
    As the oil in the spindle lubrication system work process will inevitably be mixed with the air in the condensation of water or machine tool coolant, so the requirements of the oil has a good rust resistance.

How to inspect FAG bearings

For novices who have just used FAG bearings, they will often be inexperienced. Do not know how to check the FAG bearings you buy. The following is a rough introduction to the inspection of FAG bearings.

  1. Observation method. With the naked eye to observe the rolling FAG bearing, inside and outside the raceway should not be stripped traces and serious wear, and a circular arc groove; all rolling body surface should be no spots, cracks and peeling phenomenon; keep frame should not loose, no damage, not worn through, and rolling body clearance is not too large.
  2. Hand feeling method. Normal FAG bearing inside and outside the seat ring and the rolling body clearance of 0.005 ~ 0.010 mm. Has been used for a stage of rolling FAG bearings, with fingers pinch the inner seat ring for axial shaking, there should be no obvious vibration sound.
  3. Rotation method. With a hand holding FAG bearing inside the seat ring, the other hand to turn the outer seat ring, FAG bearing should be able to flexible rotation, and should not feel the radial shaking.
    Inspection, should be combined with the above three experience methods, in order to facilitate the technical state of the rolling FAG bearing to make the correct judgment. For tapered roller FAG bearing, should also observe whether the rolling body is located in the middle of the outer seat ring, if there is forward movement, should not exceed 1.5 mm.
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